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“Shout out to Ruben and Aditya, they are always available and provide stellar customer service. Thank you!”

-Cynthia Say

Manager, Health for Life

“We needed the ability to process credit card transactions asap for CR Pax, as my company services multiple locations across the US. Max and his team at Paybotic understood the need of my business and was able to provide me a domestic payment processing solution that is stable and secure.”

-Simon Knobel

Owner, CR PAX

“Top tier customer service that goes the extra mile. Robert and his team are always prompt in communication, we’re never left hanging. We recommend Paybotic for all your payment processing needs. Keep up the great work!”

-Xtra Laboratories

Co-Founder, Xtra Laboratories

"Max and team were amazing partners in helping us find a new processing solution. Like many CBD companies, we have lost processing on multiple occasions and were forced into higher risk solutions. Paybotic worked with us to find a long-term solution, with a credible history and high level of service. Thank you Paybotic!"

-Joel Greengrass

CEO, Theramu

"We needed the ability to process sales through our site to invoice customers remotely for our business. Rob and the Paybotic team were able to get Grove Bags approved within 48 hours and integrated us to process sales immediately. I have and will continue to recommend them."

-Jack Grover

CEO, Grove Bags

"IPN is a team of professionals that are very knowledgeable and experienced in navigating both the payment and cannabis industries. Max, Eveline, and their support team are reliable and always available when we need assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in search of an exceptional payment provider."

-Josh Ginsberg

CEO, Native Roots Dispensary

"The Paybotic chip reader terminal has helped streamline operations at our dispensary by providing a shorter wait time for connectivity and receipts. Customers at Herbiculture have appreciated the chip feature in addition to the traditional swipe feature, as it provides an extra sense of security. So far, we’ve yet to face any major complaints from customers and the payment process has been smooth. Overall, the system is working well!"


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