Cash Advance -

Cash Advance

Why Merchant Cash Advance?

Your cannabusiness needs immediate cash for operations but can’t access traditional financing due to federal restrictions around cannabis? Paybotic can help.

Our Cash Advance program offers instant capital with flexible repayment plan. You repay at an amount that is relative to the amount of income thereby leaving more funds for day to day operations.

Easy Application Process

Straightforward application paperwork. Same-day approval upon application submission.

High Approval Rate

More than 95% approval rate for current merchants with our processing volume.

Quick Access to Capital

Fast funding within 48 hours after approval.

Transparent Terms & Fees

No hidden fees. Flexible choices for payback timeframe. Never worry about missing a payment. Money can be used for anything.

MCA Inquiry

Please fill out the below form for us to understand your needs for capital.

Ready to accept electronic transactions for your MMJ delivery orders? Call us at (844) 420-4729 or leave us a message here and we will get back to you immediately.

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