CBD/Hemp Payment Processing & Bank Solutions for Cannabis Dispensaries

CBD and Hemp Businesses

Are you a new CBD business looking to accept credit card payments or an established business having issues with your current credit card processor? We can help.

We help CBD and Hemp Businesses build a solid payment processing foundation. We know the ins and outs of not only the CBD market today, but the merchant services industry. We have partnered up with some of the best processors available that can handle CBD and hemp merchant accounts with no issues.

Whether you are an online retailer, wholesaler, or distributor, we work with you to identify the solutions that satisfy your business’s needs. We have had success in helping CBD and hemp merchants accept credit cards online, while also being able to manually enter credit card details into a virtual terminal when it comes to offline orders.

Owing to the elevated risk associated with the CBD industry, approvals for credit card processing typically come with a waiting period of 2-4 weeks. In the meantime, we can easily and quickly get you approved and set up on our e-check solution, as an alternative payment method offered to your customers. Especially if you are a CBD/hemp wholesaler or distributor, our e-check solution is an affordable and convenient option that makes sure the flow of payments made by your customers to your business is never interrupted. Read more on credit card processing solutions for CBD/Hemp merchants.

We are aware of the extent of precaution measures that banks take before approving merchant accounts for CBD and hemp businesses. Our in-house account advisor team works side-by-side with you to prepare you for the underwriting process, from careful review of your business’s purchase policies to how to best present your processing financials to underwriting. Depending on your processing needs and financials, we can recommend the best-fit merchant account solution for credit card processing, whether domestically or internationally.

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