Medical Marijuana Payment Processing & Banking for Cannabis Dispensaries

MMJ Delivery Businesses

With the growing acceptance and popularity of medical marijuana in many US states, there is a legitimate need for merchant account services, with marijuana delivery services on the rise. The manner in which this type of business operates calls for a form of safe, compliant, efficient and cost-effective payment processing solution.

Paybotic offers a secured and compliant solution tailored to the needs of MMJ delivery merchants. With Paybotic’s solution, the transaction is processed on the most up-to-date terminal hardware equipment. Terminal equipment is modern, sleek-looking, portable, with built-in 4G / LTE connectivity.

Paybotic has robust sales, applications, merchant boarding, and support teams that are always on the clock to assist merchants at each stage of the process to implement a payment solution for their businesses.

  • Minimal application paperwork requirements
  • Quick turnaround rate – approval and setup are within 2-3 business days
  • Escalated merchant support

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