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State-Specific Cannabis Dispensary Regulations for Maryland

Much like other states, dispensaries are required to apply for a license to operate in Maryland. The licensing process in the state is complex and divided into several stages. Applications are submitted to the MMCC.

The first step is to submit an initial application for a dispensary license. If your application is approved, you then proceed to the “Stage Two” application, which includes a $4,000 non-refundable fee. If your business is approved to operate in Maryland, you will be required to pay an $80,000 licensing fee. Your license must be renewed every two years and includes the same fee.

All sales are limited to clients that possess a valid Maryland medical cannabis card. The MMCC imposes strict inventory and tracking guidelines, which must be met to maintain compliance and keep your license in good standing. Paybotic can help you adhere to these requirements using our secure payment solutions that make tracking inventory and sales easy.

If you are in search of additional information regarding Maryland payment processing laws, contact a Paybotic representative today to learn more about how they may affect your business.

How Paybotic Can Help with Cannabis Payment Processing in Maryland

Operating any legal cannabis dispensary can be challenging, but forging a sustainable business model in a competitive market like Maryland is especially difficult. Paybotic’s customizable Maryland payment processing services give you the best chance for success. We offer a full suite of services to optimize the way you do business.

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