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State-Specific Cannabis Dispensary Regulation for Massachusetts

To obtain a cannabis dispensary license in the state of Massachusetts, one must claim responsibility for growth, manufacturing, and sales of marijuana. This means dispensary owners must also obtain a cultivation license, which are granted on a tiered basis.

The cost of a cultivation license depends on whether your dispensary will grow cannabis indoors or outdoors, but the fees associated with licensing range from around $100 to $600. Following approval, applicants will pay another fee—typically between $625 to $12,500 for indoor cultivation and $1,250 to $25,000 for outdoor cultivation.

Cultivation is separate from the manufacturing and dispensary licensing that retailers will also need to acquire. A manufacturing license amounts to around $300 for an application and $5,000 for the license itself. For dispensaries, the stage 1 license costs $1,500 to apply for and $50,000 upon approval. In stage 2, the application cost is $30,000 and the license costs $50,000 once approved.

Regulations Massachusetts dispensaries must adhere to include:

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How Paybotic Can Help with Cannabis Payment Processing in Massachusetts

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