Retail Marijuana Dispensary PIN Debit Processing | Eliminate Cash Payments

Retail Dispensary PIN Debit Processing

Navigating cannabis payment processing is a challenging operational task, and Paybotic is here to help your dispensary accept payments in the most seamless and cost-effective manner. We have several solutions available tailored to your dispensary processing needs, and PIN debit has been one of the most stable and cost-effective solutions for marijuana dispensary to eliminate cash payments and increase security as less cash is funneled through your dispensary operations.

Benefits of accepting PIN Debit payments at your MMJ dispensary.

  • Invoicing strategies
  • Less cash handling to minimize accepting any cash from customers
  • More spontaneous consumer spending at the point of sale
  • Consumers spend 30% more per transaction, effectively increasing your sales & consumer experience
  • Digital signature captured at the terminal level for compliance
  • EMV ready, most up-to-date PCI compliant technology and hardware equipment
  • Virtual Demonstrations of reporting and reconciliation tools
  • Integrated payment processing with your POS (depending on your POS provider): to check if your POS provider integrates with our PIN debit processing, please contact us.
  • Surcharge revenue options
  • Quick approval and setup tim
  • EMV ready, most up-to-date PCI compliant technology and hardware equipment
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