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The Highlights of Paybotic’s Cannabis Banking Program

If your startup chooses to enroll in Paybotic’s cannabis banking program, here are some of the services you can take advantage of:

Banking: Paybotic assists cannabis companies with processing payments, obtaining loans, and setting up a merchant bank account with a credible financial institution. By working with us, you can offer customers the ability to withdraw cash in your store, manage checks and online payments, and accept in-store payments in a hassle-free manner.

Compliance: The experts at Paybotic understand state and federal compliance requirements for legally operating your business, and our systems ensure your company is meeting those standards.

Taxation: Adhering to 280e federal filing requirements, the professionals at Paybotic ensure your company is accurately reporting tax submissions so that you can avoid any costly and unnecessary fines down the line.

Security: Working with Paybotic, you will never need to stress about security breaches on our end. Our secure gateway keeps all important company and customer information protected, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Solutions Paybotic Can Assist With

Benefits of Working with Paybotic

  • Low monthly fees: Paybotic is transparent about any monthly fees that accompany its services, and we strive to keep those fees low so that our clients can use their income for the most important thing of all: their business.
  • Quick setup & fast approvals: Setting up funding with Paybotic is a straightforward and simple process that won’t take much time or effort. Loans are approved in a timely fashion, often as soon as 48 hours after applications are submitted.
  • Reliable and Secure: Paybotic understands the importance of finding a lender that is reliable and keeps your company data secure. Working with us, you will never have to stay up at night, worrying that your business is at risk.
  • Superior customer service: The professionals at Paybotic have years of expertise working with high-risk businesses, and they are committed to gearing financial solutions toward your company’s specific needs.

Cannabis Companies We Work With

Paybotic works with a range of cannabis companies in the brick-and-mortar and e-commerce spaces, including:

States We Service

Paybotic serves cannabis businesses wherever the substance has been legalized. The full list of states that are eligible for our banking solutions include:

Paybotic’s service locations may expand as cannabis becomes legal in more states.

If you believe Paybotic’s banking solutions can help streamline your cannabis company’s finances, contact us today or fill out the application form below to get started.

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